Rishe Herbal Shampoo

Processed with Vilvom, Aleonvera, Thazhampoo oil with more rich herbals to prevent hair fall, keep hair natural black for ever...

Rishe Herbal Hair Oil

We believing in balancing the needs of Man and Nature. So both take care and respect each other. Rishe Believe only in use of organic and natural herbal as ingredients to make all of our products. Our philosophy is that nature offer's everything your hair needs for nourshing and healing..

Rishe Herbal Bath Soap

Rishe glow bath soap processed with Aleo vera, Vettyveru and Thazampoo oil. Help prevents skin disease enhance clean, soft, shine and referred skin(tfm 78% min).

Rishe Facial Powder

  • Preventing from black ring around eyes
  • Help to remove white patch
  • Keeping refresh and softening skin
  • Regular use help to remove black mole

Rishe Soup Powder

Rishe Herbal & Nice fit soups are created to cleans and rejuvinate your body enable to keep younger and healthier. Rishe Herbal soup helps to keep your Body and mind fit for the whole day.It helps to maintain calcium, phosphoyus, uric acid level normally. Prevents food toxicity and also a good cardiac tonic.

Rishe Hair Cool Powder

Rishe Hair Cool help to control Hair Loss, Preventing from Dandruff, make hair healthy to growth, processed with rich Herbal with natural conditioner, Reduce body heat, Help to control primary symptom of psoriasis...

Rishe Rumafit Oil

Good for arthritis persons. Healthy herbals added for free movements of joints.


  • No clinical hypoglycemia unlike suphonylureas
  • Lowers the lipid levels & protects against cardiovascular diseases
  • Provides a sense of well-being and feeling of less tired and less fatigue
  • No need to add antioxidants as it contains natural antioxidants and rejuvenators
  • Delays the diabetic complications - Impotency in male, neuropathy and retinopathy
  • Cost effective for long - term use
  • Improves quality of life and restores libido